Internal Monologues EP2: Patchwork Nonsense

Will this chorus of voices silence the voices in my head? They tell me nothing. Hisses and brainwaves incoherent, I cannot comprehend. Words fill pages; the meaningless noise manifests itself into “free verse” with “many layers” and being open to interpretation. Eventually I awaken from this mental slumber, the fog wothin cleared and inside I see- nothing.

What I want is to be drowned in a deluge of the “worldless” … the unknown, etched in to paper with lyrical, rhetorical, fancy affirmations of my creativity.

“You just want the joy of solving a jigsaw puzzle” 

The infirmaries that nurture thought are being bombarded with grotesque visuals of sensual pleasures, the collective mind pool so very polluted by the so called wisdom of the people. 

War drums beating in the distance draw closer, greedy mongrels aiming their sights at the last bastions of freedom.

Watchful eyes look at me, but they are eyes full of warmth and radiance.

Glaring irregularities, brazen apathy, waves crash on to an unbreakable rock face. Wrath and passion so beautifully intertwined, the world alas, turns a blind eye. 

There are no ghosts or skeletons, the voyeurs immolate themselves for their cheap pleasures. The jesters and their gestures adored by all. 

“Are the airwaves enriched, or are they infected?”

Deadly concoctions abound, the deadliest in the guise of innocence. Potions that play with emotions, emblazoned on papers, imbibed in minds. 

The coffee cup is never truly emptied……

“Then spill it.”

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