Get personalized Sports Event Notifications with SlycedIn Sports

These days, there's an app for every conceivable function, be it productivity or entertainment. Sports applications in particular, though, have been limited to providing general updates or notifications, and live news feeds from various websites. But what if you wanted an application that gives you real time contextual notifications of events happening in your immediate vicinity? What if you want an application that helps you schedule, organize events or even challenge other players? That was not possible- until now. 

SlycedIn Sports is an upcoming company working on Sports event notification/organization app which will help people to notify them about what's going on around them also help people to challenge each other in friendly environment. This app is still in development, and the devs are working on making this app highly customizable and optimized to suit the user's needs. So, go ahead and fill up this survey, to help them out. 

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