Parallels. The feeling of knowing something all too well. Deja Vu? No, it’s not that intense. It’s more like a reboot, creative re-visualization, an adaptation, yes. Will I need to do the same things that I had to do before? Maybe. I haven’t given myself that much of a chance. The problem is there’s always an urgency involved with everything surrounding this, resolve immediately, or else. If I let it tide over me, if I let it consume me, I will not be the same person.

Am I obsessed? I like to think that I am not. It’s just that I’m totally out of fuel, out of patience and out of time as well. Luck and Karma are relative things that are secondary to these key primary factors that my state of mind depends upon.

Maybe there’s something very primal about drawing parallels. Adding context to certain actions based on experiences. Everyone draws parallels to make sense of something, or to see a thing in a new light. The light of familiarity. The brain cannot handle uncertainty, the nebulous mass of perceptions and memories that you might have.

The problem with parallels is that you really can’t go to the root of the problem or issue that’s plaguing you. The lines extend without intersecting, forever. Things are similar but not the same, separated by time. This means that you have to come up with new ways to combat the afflictions laid upon you.

Sometimes the parallels don’t even help. They are often misinterpretations, and one can waste a lot of time thinking about parallels that don’t actually exist.

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