A Real Man

How can I become
A real man?

Maybe it’s about
doing a little jig
every time some music comes on
at a party.

Or perhaps it’s about
shooting at every awkward pause
from a quiver full of quick quips.

It could be
that I need to know when to smile
and when to be stern and stoic.

You see I’m writing an exam
and this is either
a math problem
with only one answer
Or a philosophical question
with many.  

I keep trying
to find the right answers
but I keep scribbling and erasing
and I’m almost out of time.

I finally wrote on the answer sheet:  

“I’m not a smart man
Nor a strong man
I’m not the quickest or the nicest
I’m not the fastest or the most prolific
I’m just somebody
who shows up every day,
in my own way.

So I’m not sure how to be a real man,
I just try to be an honest one
and that’s enough for me.”

Not sure if that answer’s right
But I hope I get some marks
for showing my work.